One Easy Trick To Recruit More Prospects Into Your Mlm

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The other day I was listening to a webinar with industry guru Tom Challan, and he said something that struck home for me.

When I thought about what he said, I realized it was something that I sort of already did, but that I could implement much better.

It will help you not only recruit more, but get your downline to duplicate!

Tom said get your new recruits busy!

Almost too simple, right?

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to get our new recruits (or prospects) mindset right, their business plan down, and listening to lots of training and webinars that we forget what they really need for success.

It has always been about rolling up your sleeves and getting down and dirty in the trenches!

People who very consistently work extremely hard at something will almost always be successful.

Its common for us to want to tell these people all the little itty bitty teeny tiny things weve learned since we got started. We want to help them shave 6 months off the learning curve.

But, we should be focusing more on helping them get started with a marketing strategy immediately and working hard at it. We should be teaching them to write articles, cut videos, or prospect on Facebook and to begin right away (by the way, getting out and doing it is the fastest way to cut down on the learning curve).

I realized that I do this from time to time with my prospects, and theyre usually the ones that come back to me for more!

When youre working with a prospect, odds are they are failing, and odds are it's because they arent working hard enough at a particular strategy to have success.

Help your prospect cut down his activities to one, very productive marketing strategy and theyll praise your for helping them.

Because you got them busy and working on something, theyll immediately latch onto you and see your value.

Youre response from those prospects will be amazing. Ive seen prospects after one call or email message already looking to me as a leader (and thats a giant step towards becoming their sponsor!).

So, when youre working on prospecting and providing value to others, try to get them busy doing something that works. Say this is what I do and it works for me, heres how you do it.

Youll see a huge increase in the amount of people who look to you as a leader and a higher percentage of your prospects will join your company.

And, of course, make sure you do this with your new recruits as well. A larger percent of them will have success, and youre retention will skyrocket. Furthermore, if for some reason they dont have success, theyll still hang around longer because you provide value.

For more secrets on how to recruit more people into your MLM, check out the resource box below

Hope you enjoyed this post about MLM recruiting!
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