Running Up Hill and Accelerating Over the Crest for Psyche Sake!

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If you are a competitive runner or a jogger may I suggest that you learn to run hills better.
One thing you can do when running uphill is to accelerate over the crest of the hill.
If you are simply out jogging and you increase your speed as you come over the crest of the hell you will find yourself in a very good position to take advantage of any downhill slope on the other side and it will give you self-confidence and boost your psyche.
If you are racing competitively you might note that the more inexperienced runners as they cross the top of the hills start to slow down, this is a mistake and they lose significant amounts of time by doing this.
They would be much better off to accelerate over the hill and use that momentum to get them started on the downhill and in doing so they would leave much of their competition near them in the dust.
How do you accelerate when cresting a hill?You lean forward and drive with the arms.
Lower your forearms and elbows from your regular position and lean forward into the hill and move your arms faster and you will watch your body accelerate, also while doing this make sure to breath more robustly.
Hold that position until after you crest over the hill and you will get back all the energy you used on the down slope for free, as you start down the other side.
This way you have not wasted any energy and you have used the energy wisely so you can win.
Please consider all this in 2006.
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