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Vermiculture can be the perfect answer for an indoor herb gardener. Vermiculture is a way of composting using earthworms to speed up the process. It is easily done inside the home as it takes only a small amount of room and creates no odor. In fact, if you are an indoor-only herb gardener, you will benefit from having just the right amount of compost to add to your smaller sized garden area.

Space Needed

I have successfully started many vermiculture kits for customers.

My method that fits easily under the kitchen sink and provides enough compost for a windowsill garden. Your worm bin will not create mess or smell. As the worms digest the kitchen scraps, their castings (poop), is a rich fertilizer for your herb garden. You can have fresh compost year around for your herb pots.

Using Finished Compost

The finished compost will be black and crumbly. This composted material is not to be used straight in your pots, however. Mix it into the top inch of your plant pot as an amendment to what is already there. As you water, you will slowly wash the nutrients down to the roots. You now have an endless supply of organic fertilizer!
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