Vacations With Your Horse in Texas

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    Private Facilities

    • As of 2010 in Texas, four bed and breakfasts are located on private ranches. These ranches usually include a rustic cabin on a large amount of property and boarding for your horses. Some of the ranches are actually working ranches where you can saddle up and pitch in if you choose. You can find horse-friendly lodging in cities such as Bandera, New Ulm, Cat Springs and Kerrville.

    State Parks

    • Texas Parks and Wildlife operates state parks that have equestrian facilities. Some, such as Dinosaur Valley or Fairfield Lake are equipped for day use. Big Bend, Brazos Bend and Caprock Canyons are equipped for overnight equestrian camping and riding trails. Some of the state parks also offer group camping facilities if you want to take a vacation with your friends.


    • You can facilitate a successful trip by planning the route ahead of time. In the summer, the Texas heat can take its toll on an unacclimated horse. Look into where you can stop for a break, how long you plan to be on the road and where along the routes are horse-friendly vacation stops, such as the rest stops along major roads sponsored by the state. If you are planning on crossing state lines, carry a current, negative Coggins test. Keep your trailer tidy with clean straw on the floor and fresh hay in a hay net. Take frequent breaks to allow the horse to rest, graze, drink or walk.


    • If you are staying at a horse bed and breakfast, check to see what equipment you will have access to. Some items you may consider bringing are hay, water in plastic jugs, buckets, grooming kit, blankets, tack, and a horse first aid kit. Since Texas is such a humid and warm state, bring plenty of water for your horse. You may also want to bring a stall ID card with the horse's information, your information and an emergency telephone number. Carry vet records, especially documentation on the horse's shot records, in case of emergency.

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