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We all experience stress at some point in our lives, but have you ever looked up the definition? Take a look at the dictionary and stress will be defined as "a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation" or "one of the bodily or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter an existent equilibrium."

Losing control over our bodies is something very common in society today. The fast paced world we live in brings forth plenty of temptations (e.g. fast food, caffeine, bad habits, etc.), and it's you're job to stay away from them. Any of them can lead to stress, which in turn can cause low self-esteem, obesity, addiction, and several other problems along the way.

Here are some ways to manage your stressors properly in order to allow your weight loss journey to be successful:

. Figure out why your stress is surfacing
. Develop a positive aura
. Start a journal that is specifically geared for venting your stress
. Staying away from unnecessary stress
. Stay on top of your priorities and manage your time properly
. Try engaging in recreational activities here and there
. Find a healthier lifestyle

Individuals who can transform their lifestyle into a healthier one will definitely see the benefits. It's the easiest path to take, especially if you want to relieve the body of your current stress. Just by doing this you can boost your self-esteem and get rid of all those aches, pains, and illnesses.

The #1 excuse is a lack of time. So in order to make this happen you need a workout regimen that doesn't require hours in the gym. Lucky for you there is a 20-minute plan that can be utilized a few times a week. Plus, it's much more effective than spending tons of time on a treadmill.

How does it work?

Start with Interval Training Exercises

When you put the body through rigorous training it will boost your metabolic rate. The idea here is to use high-intensity exercises like; Bulgarian Split Squat, Stability Hip Extension Leg Curl, Inverted Rows, Perfect Push-ups, and other similar options. Inject a low-level routine during your sopposed rest periods. It's a great way to confuse the metabolism and keep it running strong.

The goal is to burn calories, and when the metabolism runs out of them it starts working on the stored fat. Taking this course of action will allow you to burn calories long after you've gone through your exercise regimen. You also don't have to worry about any type of "catch" associated with this training. Once you get used to it (the first few sessions will leave you sore), the benefits will definitely outweigh the time. A good stretching routine is quintessential to being consistent with your exercise program by warding off muscle soreness.

Move to Resistance Exercises

When it comes to dumbbells, pulleys, and other similar exercises, they can be extremely helpful in resistance training. Your goal here is to build muscle, which will make the body work harder to burn the calories. When this happens you begin to enjoy a better looking body and one that becomes toned in the process.

You will eventually need a plan that is proven to work fast. Programs that allow you to workout for only 20 minutes and offer more effectiveness are ideal for those in a fast paced life. Add in a great diet and you have yourself the perfect formula.
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