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A website isn't just a marketing tool or a distribution channel. It‘s an absolute reflection of everything the brand and the company represents. It's where everything - including products and services, customer support, overall attitude, and voice-comes together. Design, text, navigation and functionality should support and reinforce a distinctive brand experience.

Every aspect of a company's website should flow logically from a sound brand strategy. If the website is already up and functioning, that strategy can serve as a filter or standard against which to measure existing work - one that also can guide the development of the site.

A smart web marketer integrates 2 basic steps to building distinctiveness on a website

A Sensible. Two Step Approach

                Step 1 Define the strategic underpinnings of the Brand

                These underpinnings constitute the strategic backbone of the brand. The strategy          articulates, among other things, the brands reasons for being, what it delivers, what its core  focus is, and the voice it uses to communicate.

                Step 2 : Execute the Strategy

                Once the strategy is articulated and understood, it's possible to execute it in communicative,     navigational and functional terms: How the site looks and feels to the user, the message it   conveys, the ease of movement from one part of the site to another, the types of e-  commerce solutions the site offers, and the built-on brands and the links it contains.


IV Displays understand that the brand needs a core focus and set of strategic underpinnings to grow and succeed.

An indispensible management tool. A brand platform provides succinct definitions of who and what a company is, what it does, and how it behaves. It is a snapshot of what the brand represents and why it is important in the marketplace. With an agreed-upon platform in place, decision-making can proceed in a logical disciplined, and-above-all efficient fashion. The platform defines the brand in a way that employees can understand and use as a guide to action.

A must of every online brand. Brands must be clearly communicated to a company's various audiences. As key constituents, these individuals must be able to grasp the company's essence and purpose. As a central point of communication, a company's website must speak to and resonate with a diverse array of audiences. The brand platform becomes the basis for every element of the website, including design, copy, navigation and functionality. It also becomes a central point of guidance for representing the brand in every other online environment.

Building holistic Brands. The brand platform guides more than just the company's website. It is a strategy that draws from and permeates every facet of the company's existence-the way it communicates and conducts business. One company, one business, one brand, one strategy, one voice.

Brand Strategy is your business strategy. The two strategies feed off one another. In the end, brands succeed not because of what companies say about themselves, but because of what they do, how they function and how successfully they meet customers' needs and expectations. An innovative website development  company understands this prerequisite of branding in the online space and create search engine friendly websites for it's clients with utmost precision and due care.
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