Free Invitation Card Ideas

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    • If you are having a party, the invitations you send out will set the stage for your party theme. A fun, creative invitation can get people interested and excited in the party, and if your party has a theme it will give them a better idea of that theme. Whether you are having a pirate party, a graduation party, or a baby shower, you can make invitations for free with supplies you already have at home.

    Pirate Party

    • A treasure map fits the pirate party theme, and can give you a unique way to tell people where your party will be. Print out invitations on parchment-colored paper, with one side that says something like "Arg, Joel has been sailing the high seas fer 27 years, help us celebrate his journey." Below that put the date and time, and on the bottom a note that says, "X marks the spot, treasure map be on the back." On the other side, have a printed map of how to get to the party. If you really want to get into it, you can burn the edges of the paper and wrinkle the invitations to look old.

    Graduation Party

    • Nothing says graduation like a diploma. If you need an inexpensive but tasteful graduation invitation, use the document program on your home computer to design a diploma-looking invitation. Put the name of the school across the top in cursive style, and below it you can write, "Announcing the graduation of Mary Smith from the University of Florida," for example. Below that, write: "Commencing at..." with the time, date and location details of the graduation party. Find a gold seal in clip art to add to the corner of the document, and print out as many as you need. Roll the invitations and tie them off with a red ribbon to complete the look.

    Baby Shower

    • If you are planning a baby shower, print invitations in the shapes of various baby items like bottles, bibs, blocks, rattles, storks and babies. Cut out the invitations so that they are the actual shapes, not just outlines on a sheet of paper. You can write all of the invite information (parents, date, time, location, registration info, directions) on one side of the paper. On the other side you can leave a space that says "well wishes:" and ask your guests to write a personal note on the invite and bring it with them to the shower. You can then make a collage of invitations shaped like baby items with loving words from your guests, saving it as a baby-shower souvenir.

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