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Facebook has emerged as the single largest social networking websites that connects millions all across the world through a common stage. Ahead of its importance in reducing the physical boundaries among people, it has played an vibrant role in redefining the world of online business as well. Its use in business advertising has achieved new heights and the trend is expected to continue even advance in the better future. However, many countries are not akin with the idea to let their people access Facebook due to privacy reasons. Yes, you are right, we are talking about the censorships in Middle East Nations, China and many other countries that are prompt to censor anything they find objectionable. It is indeed difficult to access the site in these locations due to restrictions but with the help of VPN, you can bypass it comfortably to assure unperturbed access.

Ways to block Facebook

There are generally two methods by which the respective countries bar the citizens from accessing Facebook and other similar websites. First one of them id DNS poisoning and the other is to block access to the IPs of these sites.

DNS Poisoning: This mysterious term refers to the faking of IP address of a particular website. Whenever you type in the URL of Facebook, the ISP looks out for the closest DNS server to retrieve the IP address of its domain and this is how the website opens.  DNS is a robust database that consists of IP addresses of a number of websites and keeps on updating and caching these domains frequently. However, with a threatening process called DNS poisoning, the DNS tables and caches get corrupted.

Once it is done, the user is redirected to some other website to which the domain name points, which further infuses virus to his computing device. Consequently, the concerned authorities succeed in blocking Facebook in their particular location. Thankfully, with the help of a VPN, you can get even with such a situation since it connects you to the DNS server located in some foreign location that sets your computer free from the threats of poisoning. Your identity cannot be tracked by the prying eyes.

Blocking access to IP addresses

There are countries that block the network connection that connect the IP addresses of the websites. Facebook also falls prey to such maneuvering efforts. Hence, no wonder if you have overcome the problem of DNS poisoning, even then you may not be able to access Facebook due to IP blocking. A VPN connection is therefore a must to make your task of bypassing the filtering a cakewalk.

 Best VPN vendors

You can find a whole lot of VPN vendors that could help you in your endeavors of unblocking Facebook. All you need is to do a little bit of research and choose the most appropriate ones. Much also depends on the country where you are currently located. The VPN provider should be able to get you connected to a server from where you can open the social networking websites without any interruption. HideMyAss is a prominent VPN provider that you can opt for in this context. PureVPN is yet another vendor that is a premiere contender in the industry when it comes to accessing the inaccessible. Other VPNs include StrongVPN, ExpressVPN, Switch VPN and so on. The list is wide open, some of them are provided below:

 VPN Service                                       Starting Price

HideMyAss                                                     $11.52/Month

PureVPN                                                         $9.95/Month

IAPS                                                                $12.95/Month

StrongVPN                                                      $21/3 Months

OverPlay                                                         $9.95/Month

ExpressVPN                                                   $12.95/Month

VPN Tunnel                                                    $7.18/Month

Switch VPN                                                    $5.95/Month

TuVPN                                                            $12/Month

Ivacy VPN                                                      $6.81/Month

ibVPN                                                             $4.96/Month
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