NetGear RP614 Specs

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    • Routers have become an integral part of business and home networking. Routers allow multiple computers to share a single Internet connection. The Netgear RP614 router features four ports that can connect up to four computers to a shared Internet connection. It also allows the connected computers to transfer data directly and share peripherals such as printers and fax machines.

    Physical Specifications

    • The Netgear RP614 router has a width of 6.89 inches, a depth of 4.65 inches, and a height of 1.1 inches. The router weighs 0.66 pounds with no cables attached.

    Environmental and Electromagnetic Specifications

    • The Netgear RP614 router operates optimally between 32 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit in an environment with a maximum humidity of 90 percent. It also generates a minimal electromagnetic field which complies with Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Voluntary Control Council for Interference (VCCI) and EN 55 022 (CISPR 22) requirements.

    Interface Specifications

    • The four local networking ports accept 10BASE-T and 100BASE-Tx RJ45 Ethernet cables. This allows local connections to run at 10 Mbits per second or 100 Mbits per second respectively. The Internet port can only accept 10BASE-T cables.

    Data Transmission Protocols

    • The router is capable of performing a number of data protocols: TCP/IP, RIP-1, RIP-2, DHCP, PPTP, Telstra BigPond and PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE). These protocols allow the router to process the sending and receiving of data through a variety of services.

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