Premature Ejaculation - Excited Too Quickly?

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Many men suffer from quick ejaculation or "premature ejaculation".
Some of the steps you can take to prevent ejaculating too quickly are the following: 1.
Creams that provide a numbing effect.
While not the ultimate solution to prevent premature ejaculation, these creams which are sold in drugstores in the condom section, can provide you with much needed extra minutes to last longer.
The enjoyment level during sexual intimacy will be lessened, and there is a chance the numbing may actually last too long, but it is an option to consider, especially in a last minute situation.
Mental games during sexual intimacy.
You can in fact last longer by focusing your mind on other things during intimacy.
What this does is distract your mind from the excitement at hand and thus allows you to last much longer.
Your intimacy enjoyment level will suffer, but you can last longer through mental techniques.
Some mental techniques which have worked include thinking about football, math equations, or even focusing on a not so attractive celebrity figure, such as Woody Allen, or the comedian, Carrot Top.
Learning to permanently cure premature ejaculation from a manual.
Here is the ideal way to prevent quick ejaculation from occurring.
By learning both the physical and mental exercises from a manual you will not only learn a permanent cure, but will also be able to enjoy sexual intimacy enormously, without any worry.
Proper instruction can provide you with the exact physical exercises you need to easily learn, as well as mental tricks and techniques that will add several minutes towards your intimacy.
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