Astrological Signs Through The Seasons

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One of the ways that we have to create a better understanding of the principles underlying each of the astrological signs is to look directly atthe ongoing cyclical process that occurs in nature.
Byobserving the birth, death and re-birth process that occurs in nature during the course of a year we canbecome more connected to the seasonal changes and also discover clues to the essential function or "job" that each astrological sign is responsible for.
Starting in Spring with Aries we will move through each of the astrological signs to see how theyfit into a greater whole.
By becoming aware of the principles of each sign we can understand how each is an essential part of the larger process.
Aries - Initiation - Germination - Emancipation After sowing and germination the seedling breaks out of the seed and makes its way through the soil to emancipation.
The Aries principle is symbolized by the catalytic process and byacts of initiation andinnovation.
It is not necessarily the job of Aries to follow through! The job of Aries isto spring into action in new and innovative ways using their natural leadership and delegation skills to empower others to becomeinvolved.
Taurus - Formation - Fertilization The outward impulse to manifestand thrive that was present in Aries now gives way to the methodical and practical shaping of the new lifethereby creating a secure foundation for future growth.
The Taurus principle involves the practical shaping and formation ofvalue.
Their job is to define and codify their values; what they own,so that they can actualize their potential and leavean inspiring legacy for others Gemini - Dissemination Nowthat the seedling is secure it begins to branch out and interconnect with a complex root system.
The Gemini principle is driven by the compelling need to connect objects with one another to form ever greater links.
Their job is to experience a diversity of sensations, thoughts and encounters so that they can create systems or theories of knowledge that are then disseminated to others.
Cancer - Assimilation At the summer solstice the light is at its zenith.
The budding plant has assimilated nurturing from the environment and is beginning to manifest an identifiable form.
The Cancer principle involves theassimilation of impressions from the outer world particularlyintimate experiences of nurturing.
Their job is to create a secure and stable sense ofbelonging for themselves and others that stems from their experiences of positive familial imprinting orthat is centered in their awareness of belonging to a greater spiritual family.
Leo - Fruition - Cultivation - Production - Actualization In the heat of summerthe fruit is ripe and ready for picking.
The Leo principle relates to the ripeningandexpression ofone's creative energies.
Their job is to tap into the beauty and fiery spirit of the divine child within and be role models for others in how to let that energy flow outwards so that it is brought to fruition.
Virgo - Discrimination -Perfection The reaping begun in Leo now reaches full harvest in Virgo; aharvest culled using the discriminative faculties with the intent of doing it cleanly, precisely and with care.
The Virgo principle involves analyzing and improving upon the creative output generated in Leo through discernment and efficiency.
Their job is toutilize the discriminative faculties of the mind and their discipleship to improve and perfect the physical vehicle so that it becomes apurified vessel for Divine spirit.
Libra - Resolution - Equilibrium - Completion The autumnal equinox marks the beginning of fall, which initiates a balance in nature.
The falling of leaves begins the formation of fresh humuswhich will eventually replenish the soil depleted by the years growth.
The Libra principle is associated with equanimity, justice and mediation.
Their job is to be peacemakers;to promote a social consciousness that is just to all and to reflect and mirror to others the balance and beauty,the light and dark, of relationship.
Scorpio - Transformation This process corresponds to the beginning of an inward turning period in nature whenouter things gradually decay and life returns to the earth .
Theexternal forms have died back to leave nothing but bare trees and bushes above the exhausted earth from which life can flourish anew.
The Scorpio principle involves the descent into darkness to transform the ego and to emerge as a powerful bearer of light.
Their job is to be role models for others in the highest use of passion and power.
Sagittarius - Diversification - Expansion After the decay and transformation in Scorpio the earth is now teaming with new life;earthworms arebreaking down the decayed material and replenishing the soil with new energy.
The earth is expanding the simple materials left over into complex nutrients needed for new life.
The Sagittarius principle expandsthe concrete mind (knowledge) by demonstrating how meaning is created through the understanding of diversity (wisdom).
Their job is to codify their philosophical and religious understanding to become role models and non-dogmatic teachers of universal wisdom.
Capricorn - Consolidation - Preservation At the Winter solstice little in nature is left above ground and all living things have to consolidate and preserve their energies in order to survive the cold of winter.
At this time ofshorter days and ever increasing light the earth patiently endures, waiting for new forms to manifest.
The Capricorn principle demonstrates how self-reliance and consolidation of power and authority lead to mastery.
Their job is to be positive role models who demonstratemastery of accomplishment and right use of power and authority.
Aquarius - Reformation After the struggle for survival in Capricorn much of the life energy of nature still lies hidden below the ground In the Aquarius phase we see how nature disposes of her superfluous forms.
Everything that has no more use or has not stood the test of winter is given up.
The Aquarius principle relates to the breaking up and reformation ofcollective values.
Their job is to be visionaries; humanitarian revolutionaries who have tapped into the next collective wave of the future andwho are committed to being at the forefront of the liberation of humankind.
Pisces - Integration In the final stage of nature's cycle composting soil isready for spring planting.
The breaking up process of Aquarius is taken to its logical conclusion in the complete destruction of form; blending into the whole.
The Pisces principle involves surrendering the personal sense of "I" to allow for integration into the whole.
The job of Pisces is to teach us the value of surrender andto help us open our consciousness so that we can transcend our perception of separateness.
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