Cures For Acne - Different Types of Acne Treatments

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There are hundreds of cures for acne available on the market.
They can be quite confusing and in most cases they are quite ineffective in treating acne on long term basis.
It is important to realize that there is no single remedy for acne and you will need to understand your skin type and what suits your body the most.
Once you are able to comprehend the reason that causes acne in your body, you will be able to treat it effectively.
You will also be able to prevent it from reappearing again in future.
Cures for acne can be broadly classified into two categories.
Medical treatments and home remedies.
Both treatments have their own benefits and are adopted by millions of people worldwide.
You cannot categorize any one treatment as the best or criticize one as not being effective enough.
Home remedies have minimum side effects but they need to be used regularly to get their benefits over a period of time.
Chemical treatments yield better and faster results but they have their own side effects and acne may reappear after a period of time.
In medical treatments, salicylic acid is known to be essentially effective in treating acne.
It is used in cleansers, foam and gels to cleanse the skin and prevent bacterial infection that lead to acne.
Benzoyl peroxide is also important in most of the topical treatment which helps in drying of acne and reduces inflammation.
Clindamycin in association with antibiotics such as erythromycin, monocycline or tetracycline is prescribed by a physician in most cases.
Ayurveda home remedies and homeopathic treatments are equally popular and there are several cures for acne.
Most home remedies are herbal treatments that are effective and yet they do not have any side effects.
You can use tea tree oil, lavender oil to treat acne in association with grape seed oil.
Several other herbal ingredients such as aloe vera, lemon juice, tomato pulp, honey and cinnamon are effectively used in treating acne.
You should know that there is no absolute cure for acne.
This means you have to learn ways to treat and prevent it from occurring again.
In most cases whether it is medical treatment or home remedies, you need to be patience and be persistent in your treatment to get maximum results.
Acne can take many weeks before completely treated and without leaving scars or blemishes on your skin.
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