Zanskar Valley - A Beautiful Place In The Adventure Capital Of India

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If you are headed to India and you are still wondering which tour packages to choose, then better start with the Ladakh zanskar Tour.
Zanskar is a place located 20 kilometers the south of Rangdum, Ladakh and the best time to visit the place is between June to September.
Any Ladakh Tour would offer great sightseeing tours and is well loved by the passionate trekkers.
In fact, through time, it has been a known tourist spot which led to the establishment of various hotels and camping areas to offer accommodation.
Places to See in Zanskar The best parts about any Ladakh zanskar Tour would be seeing the great ranges of the Himalayans and of course, the Zanskar Mountain.
It also has a valley system which is dominated by the population of Buddhist communities.
As you head to the Pazila watershed right on the road of Zanskar, you would first get to see the Stod Valley, which is one of tributary valleys in the place.
It renders you an amazing view of the Drang-Drung glacier which is believed to be the biggest in the entirety of Ladakh.
The rest of the wide area of Zanskar is about mountains and other deep gorges.
Flora and Fauna in Zanskar Majority of the vegetation of Zanskar can be discovered in the lower levels of the valleys around the area.
Most of these are made up of alpine and tundra and you would be amazed with its meadows that are covered with numerous edelweiss.
You can also find blue poppies right at the foot of the Gumburanjon Mountain.
Hardworking farmers around grow a variety of crops like lentils, potatoes, barleys and apricot trees.
You can also find some animals on the side like the sheep, horses, dogs, yak and dzo.
Zanskar would of course never be out of wildlife animals such as the bear, wolf, bharal, lammergeyer, snow leopard and many more.
The Ladakh zanskar Tour can render you a great deal of trekking experience that would introduce you to its marvelous mountains, pleasing monuments and other temples.
All the treks can be either short or long, depending on the package you would prefer but everything offers an enchanting panoramic view of the entire place.
The tedious treks in the mountains would be well loved too by the more daring tourists who would even allow them to set their own camp site out in the woods.
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