How to Make Fresh Wine

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    • 1). Clean and sterilize all of your equipment prior to starting the wine-making process.

    • 2). Bring 1 1/2 gallons of spring or distilled water to a heavy boil. Gradually add 7 1/2 cups of sugar to the water, stirring constantly. Once the sugar is dissolved, set the solution aside to cool.

    • 3). Pour 13 32-oz. bottles of white grape juice into the fermentation container. Add the cooled sugar solution and one package of yeast. Close the container and insert the airlock, following the manufacturer's directions. Set the container where it will not be disturbed.

    • 4). The fermentation process will take three weeks in this fast method. Let the fresh wine sit in the container for another week before siphoning the wine into bottles and corking them. You will only need to "age" the bottles for two months. The recipe will yield 15 bottles and the wine should be consumed within a year.

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