Japanese Traditional Clothing

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Japanese people wear normal western clothes like shirts and trousers in ordinary day-to-day life and they look quite suave in their western outfit. The interesting aspect of Japanese clothing which attracts the attention of everyone is their traditional wear. People around the world find their clothing interesting and very unique, due to its entirely different look from clothes of other countries.  

Some of the traditional clothing worn by Japanese people is Kimono, Jonihitoe, Yukata etc. Kimono is the most definitive Japanese clothing, which can be worn by both men and women. The difference between men ad women kimonos is that the men kimonos are not very flashy and elaborate and they are just loosely seamed and have narrower sleeves. Women wore dazzling styles of kimonos and they feel pride to possess as it is expensive. It is made up of silk and is available in unique designs, making them different from one another. Kimonos have various parts and each part has a name of its own. This shows that Japanese are very methodical with their clothes also.  Japanese women look charming in kimono but it is difficult to wear as it requires help of another person in wearing this kimono.

Another traditional clothing of Japanese women is junihitoe, which is an advance form of kimono. Jonihitoe is a robe of twelve layers and traditionally it was worn by high born Japanese ladies. This clothing is made of silk and the innermost layer is of the pure white silk. All the other layers drape one after the other over this innermost layer. The outermost layer is designed like a coat and lends the colorful and artistic appeal to the garment. This is a very expensive clothing of Japanese women and is rarely available outside Japan. 

Another clothing of Japanese men and women is Yukata, which is mostly worn by women but sometimes it is worn by men also. Yukata is a thin garment, which is mostly worn in the summer season. It is worn in the kimono style, but it is not as elaborate as the kimono. Literally yukata means bath cloth but this clothing is worn on several occasions and festivals like the firework displays. Yukata is made up of cotton and now it is available in several colors but traditionally it was made up of indigo dyed cotton.
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