Massachusetts Solar Installers

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Solar Home is one of the finest companies for Massachusetts solar installers that you can find. Solar Home has over a decade of experience in solar energy and power and has lived by the highest company standards from the very beginning. Its founder, Ray Boggs, made it his mission to make Solar Homes the best choice for the people.

One of the things that make Solar house so great is the amount of time and effort put into its products. Not just any old product will suffice; Solar Home makes sure to choose the best of the best. How do they do that? They do it with a lot of testing. The solar panels that Solar Home uses are all U.S. based products which are not only name brand but also government sponsored. That means that these panels are sure to make the grade when installed in your home. Also, the PTC to STC ratio is tested before the panels are installed in your home. The tolerance rating is also tested. Only those solar panels which meet the right tolerance testing with at least a negative three percent tolerance rating will be used. That negative three rating ensures your panels are giving you enough energy to take care of your home. Also, Solar Home assures you that you will have at least twenty five years of protection with its performance warranty.

To make sure that you're getting the finest products, solar installers only purchase their products from high name brand companies. Such companies include Schott, Suntech, Phono Solar, Sharp, and Mitsubishi Electric. These name brand companies have the highest standards in their products and that means that Solar Home will also have the highest standards.

The founder Ray Boggs decided long ago that customer satisfaction was the most important part of the business and therefore maintaining only top choice name brands for sun panels is a continued tradition. Ray Boggs also decided that affordability is a must. Because Solar Home only uses the best of the best, many people assume that they will not be able to afford to purchase solar panels for their home. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Solar Home offers a number of financing and leasing options for you and your family so that you don't have to worry about not being able to pay for the installation. In fact, there are a number of options such as no money down and no penalty for early payments. The company has always invested in the idea of owning what they sell, so the keep everything they have purchased on an interest free basis which allows you to have better financing options available.

Massachusetts Solar Installers will help you add peace of mind to your family and lifestyle. If you're worried about the state our planet is in and have decided to go green, then solar paneling is an environmentally healthy choice. Also, if your electric bill is over fifty dollars a month then you should consider the savings you will get with solar panels.
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