Essential Camping Gear

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Here is a list of essential camping gear that you'll need for your next camping trip. It's better to take more camping equipment rather than less to guard against leaving something that you might really need. It's a matter of safety rather than just convenience.

First aid kit:

* iodine for purifying water (and cuts and bruises too)

* a topical antibiotic cream such as a triple antibiotic.

* self adhesive bandages of various sizes as well as gauze with cloth tape

* scissors

* hydrogen peroxide is good for cleaning and sterilizing cuts and bruises

* Impregnated wipes (such as baby wipes) for general cleanups and cooling off.

* an anti diarrhetic (not fun on a camping trip)

* an oral antihistamine (poison ivy or allergic reactions)

* 1% hydrocortisone cream

* sunburn relief spray

* an analgesic pain reliever

* tweezers for removing thorns and splinters

* an eye wash

* A bug resistant spray

And don't forget personal medication!

Here's more to throw in your backpacks:

Flares for emergencies

Glow sticks if traveling at night

Plenty of food and water to last your entire stay

Multi cell phones or two way radios to stay in touch should someone become separated

A poncho to protect against sudden rain storms

A radio or a weather radio to keep you informed of approaching thunderstorms or heavy rain.

And depending upon the ready availability of the following, don't forget these essential items:

* naturally, a tent
* sleeping bags
* a comfortable and versatile backpack
* a large jug of water
* a utility vest
* a protective hat
* flashlights, emergency lights and lanterns
* blankets or at least heavier wear for cooler nights
* a utility knife
* an axe
* a cooler to keep your food and drink cold
* a portable propane grill
* a small fire extinguisher

Whether you're camping at a well populated campground or roughing it deep in the woods, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Prepare for emergencies. It could spell the difference between an enjoyable experience and a quite miserable one.
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