How to Better Enjoy Your Hike

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So you are going on a hike in the mountains and you are wondering what to bring.
A lot of that depends on how long you will be staying out and the time of year as well as the local terrain but some of the answers are really the same no matter where it is that you will be hiking.
I've hiked the Appalachian Trail in several states and I have to say that some of the most necessary things that you should have with you are some of the most basic as well.
Here are a few things that you really can't do without on a hike if you want to really enjoy yourself.
A great pair of boots will help you to go further.
I have spent a lot of money on great boots and at other times I have bought the cheapest pair of boots that I could find.
The more expensive boots are warmer and more comfortable and that goes a long way in helping you to make more out of your trip.
Some parts of the trail, if you end up in these areas will wear out a pair of boots very quickly, so if you are on one of those parts of the trail make sure that you have extra boots and that you take care of your feet.
Walking sticks are a great asset when you are hiking.
They help you to be stable and give you a boost when you need one.
Another advantage is the fact that walking sticks take some of the weight off of your hips and ankles as well as your knees and can help you to endure longer on the trail.
Something else that I have recently learned is that Nordic walking sticks are much better for being on the trail.
They give you extra stability in tough areas and then really decrease the wear and tear on your lower body.
If you haven't tried them yet you really should.
There are a lot more things that you could take to enhance your trip but as long as you dress for the occasion and bring a nice walking stick, or set of sticks, you will find that you are going further on less energy, and that is a welcome treat for any hiker.
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