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Sell digital photos? If you are anything like me, you would wonder if that is possible. Well it is possible! If you are one of those who loves the shutterbug and clicking every bit of those magical moments of your life, then digital camera would be a necessity in your reticule or bag! If you love looking at nature or people and capturing magical moments which are fleeting yet so precious, then you photography would be your passion! There are many people who keep clicking photographs only to stow them away in cds, floppies and discs and then these photographs never see the light of the day again. Well, you can sell these long lost and forgotten remembrandts and earn money! There are many amateur and hobby photographers who sell digital photos and make a good living or side income.

There are many professional photographers around and you don't really want to get into that route right now! Too much of competition! You can start small and inch your way to the biggies. The best way to do it is to get into the micro stock sites. These sites are great for people who are looking for an opening into the field. All you need to do is post your photos online to these microstock sites and permit others to license your work. These micro stock agencies will host your photos, enable search capabilities and sell them to customers and give you your commission.

There are many places you can start from like Shutterstock, iStockPRo, PhotoStockPlus, Dreamstime, Fotolia and Stockxpert. Before you upload these photographs to the site, make it a point to read all the terms and conditions of submissions. A better idea would be to submit a couple of digital photos to each site and see the turn around time for each of them. Then when you find the site which gives you good result, you can submit the majority of your photographs there. Be sure to submit your best work since people are always looking for exceptional quality photos.

For people who like a direct interface with your buyers or customers, then you can think about selling your photos directly. Though this method is time consuming and requires considerable research and marketing, it also gives you a control of your work and you can keep all the money from the sales rather than just receiving a commission. The best way to sell digital photos online is to make a website which can advertise your work on the web and attract buyers. Make sure that your website looks professional and attractive. Display your best quality pictures because the first impression is the last impression!

Selling your photographs online also needs a fair bit of research. You need to know the market and your competition as well. Check the prices other people offer for the same kind of photographs and the copyright rules. Once you receive a good amount of exposure you can approach the big players of the market. Hone your skills and check the quality of the competition's work and make sure you are better than the best!
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