How to Make Mouse Trap Cars Run

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    • 1). Attach the front and rear axles to the body of the mouse trap car kit. Be sure that the axle with the notch in the center is installed in the rear of the car. Glue the wheels to the ends of the axles.

    • 2). Remove the bait holder and catch hook from the mouse trap. Locate the point where the trap's spring meets the U-shaped wire arm. Cut the U-shaped bail on the side opposite the spring just above where it meets the wooden base of the mouse trap. Straighten out the bends in the spring-loaded wire arm with a pair of pliers. Bend a short hook in the end of the wire arm.

    • 3). Position the mouse trap onto the car. The straightened spring-loaded arm should be pointing forward. Glue the mouse trap into position on the car with epoxy. Set the car aside to allow the glue to dry completely.

    • 4). Tie a loop in the end of a long piece of string. Tie the opposite end of the string onto the small hook at the end of the mouse trap arm, adjusting the length of the string so that the end of the loop is about 1/2-inch short of the hook in the center of the car's rear axle.

    • 5). Pull the spring-loaded arm toward the rear of the car. Slip the loop in the string over the hook in the rear wheel and rotate the rear wheels to wind the string around the axle. Keep rotating the wheels until the spring-loaded arm is pointing toward the rear of the car. Hold the spring-loaded arm securely against the base of the mouse trap with your hand.

    • 6). Place the mouse trap car onto a flat surface, pointing the car in the direction you want it to travel. Release the spring-loaded arm, and the car should be propelled forward.

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