What Flowers to Plant in Spring in Colorado

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    • Colorado is known for its powdered ski slopes, elaborate resorts and natural beauty. Included in the state's natural beauty are some of the most spectacular gardens in the region. There are several types of flowers that thrive in the mountainous climate. Many Colorado flowers require careful planning and care to ensure their survival. Spring is the time to plant several types of flowers that thrive in a Colorado garden.


    • Lilies are a common Colorado flower because of their ability to withstand the winter environment. With proper planting and care, such as embedding roots deep enough, packing with the proper soil and protecting the plants with a thick layer of mulch, lilies can survive fairly cold conditions. Lilies are found in a multitude of colors, including white, red and yellow, and produce a beautiful assortment of blooms. This flower is planted during the spring, however, during the winter months, survival of the plants is not guaranteed, despite the fact that lilies are perennial plants. Restoration of a lily may be accomplished by placing the portion of the stem called the rhizome into sawdust, perlite or vermiculite and storing it in a frost-free location during the winter. Replant the restored lily into the garden once the warmer season begins.


    • Alliums are gorgeous, ball-shaped flowers. While they are part of the onion family, this plant produces dramatic flowers. Alliums range in colors that include white, blue and purple. Varying in size, a bloomed bulb can be as small as two inches and as large as 10 inches in diameter. Rock gardens are a more adequate environment for the survival of the dwarf species of Alliums. They are excellent for cut flower arrangements, as the unique design of the flower produces a stand-out blossom in any assortment. While bulbs should be planted in spring, alliums require maintenance during winter months, as well. During the Colorado winter, spread a heavy layer of mulch down for more protection to ensure higher survival rates.

    Tuberous Begonias

    • Tuberous begonias are vibrant flowers that thrive more abundantly in shaded, well watered, rich-soiled areas. This flower should be planted in early spring, after the last frost has manifested in Colorado. Be sure to properly moisten the soil, but do not make it too soggy to avoid rotting tubers. Some tuberous begonia blooms have been known to reach 5 to 6 inches in diameter.

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