TribulusTerrestris – The natural supplement for fertility treatment

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Infertility is getting common as couples are choosing career over marriage which delays the age at which they marry and then conceive. As couples choose to marry late, the age at which they decide to start a family is also delayed which again is a great determining factor for fertility. This is because, as women approach 35 years, her fertility ability undergoes a decline causing difficulty in conceiving. Inability to conceive through the natural process is a cause of misery and depression amongst the couples.fertility-treatment.jpg

Several methods have been developed for treating infertility. However, methods for treating infertility may not yield positive results for all couples. This is again a cause of setback for the concerned couples. Therefore, couples often wish to give natural supplements a try. Amongst the various herbs, Tribulus terrestris is the one that works for both men and women suffering from infertility.

This is a natural supplement for treating infertility. This herb is being used in traditional Chinese medicine as well as in Ayurveda. Several researches has been conducted to study the efficacy of this supplement and to evaluate its working mechanism. The following are the several health benefits of Tribulus terrestris:
  • Increases the production of sex hormones in both men and women
  • Increases the sexual desire in men and women
  • Improves sperm count, quality and its motility
  • Significantly reduces the effects of antisperm antibodies
  • Increases serum Follicle stimulating hormone and estradiol in women
  • Increases LH and testosterone in men
  • When this drug was used prior to ovulation, it showed a positive impact in normalizing the menstrual cycle
  • It helps in building a healthy reproductive system
  • Helps in producing DHEA which in turn aids in treating erectile dysfunction in males

There is a dosage schedule that should be strictly followed by men and women to treat infertility. For men, the recommended dosage is about 1500mg a day and can be continued for as long as 3 – 6 months. For women, the dosage schedule is 1500 mg per day to be taken from day 5 – 14th day of the cycle. This supplement should not be taken past ovulation and neither during pregnancy. Chinese medicine advises the use of this herb but not during pregnancy. It has been noted that women who have used this supplement while pregnant suffered from cholestasis. This is a liver disorder that strikes only pregnant women. In addition, to this side effect, the supplement has also shown to reduce the survival rate of the fetus when used during pregnancy.

Infertility treatment in India is done at low cost and involves methods known to increase the success rates of pregnancy. Raipur is one of the cities of India that takes into account those methods that are safe for the couples. Considering India for getting treated for infertility is a wise option as this nation has some of the best fertility specialists.

Tribulus terrestris is a fertility herb that works best for both man and woman. Couples who wish to get pregnant should certainly give this natural supplement a try before they go on for several other treatment options. It resolves several types of fertility issues faced by couples. 

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