Starcraft 2 Strategies - Zerg 6 Pool Rush Build Order

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Here's the deal.
You want to win (with the Zerg).
You want to win no matter what.
I know I don't care about what other people say after I beat them because they could have won if they had a better strategy.
So here's the the Zerg 6 pool rush build order.
Zerg 6 Pool Rush Build Order: *Start harvesting with your current drones don't build anything else *When you hit 200 minerals start your Spawning pool *While its building train 2 Drones (now at 7/10) *Once the spawning pool is done put out 3 pairs of Zerglings (6 total) *Send the new zerglings on an offensive Zerg 6 Pool Rush Points to Remember: *Don't attack SCV's they will destroy your zerglings *Attack the Supply Depot first, Barracks second if you get either one you are set up to win *Keep building Zerglings rally them to the main base When To Use the 6 Pool Rush: You should use the 6 pool rush during a random game.
Honestly any player worth his salt will be able to counter it if he knows for a fact that you are zerg.
Not only that but they will probably scout you and notice that you haven't started building new drones at all.
Definite give away for this strategy.
Also you can only use this strategy when you are playing on a small map; especially against Terran.
If its a long trip to the Terran base there is a good chance that his wall will be up and you will be out of luck.
While you may be able to recover from it in that case it will prove difficult.
Also this is an all in strategy.
If you lose the rush you lose the game there is no way to recover if you lose all of your initial zerglings so stay away from static defense and away from scv's once again they will kill your little zerglings.
There you go the Zerg 6 pool rush, just one more thing to add to your arsenal of tactics.
Remember its an all in strategy meant for small maps and Random games.
Good luck and remember a win is a win they should have been ready!
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