Junior Triathlon Training

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    Type of Junior Triathlons

    • In order to properly train for a junior triathlon, you must know what type of triathlons are available. There are two different kinds for this age group. First is a traditional, non-drafting triathlon format. This type of triathlon has been determined by USAT (USA Triathlon) as an entry-level triathlon, which means these races are smaller and in a better environment for a beginner. The second type of triathlon is a draft-legal triathlon, which requires the participants to have average swim skills, ability to ride in a group of riders, and strong running skills.

    Training Camps

    • The USAT offers skill development camps for the novice and select camps for the more advanced, experienced child. Both happen during the summer months throughout the country. Additionally, look at your local area newspaper or news website for more information on summer camps and/or clubs that are offering camps throughout the year. You can also ask a local high school running coach for more assistance on finding the camp for your child.

    Coach Training

    • If your child wants to be more serious about a training program than just attending a camp, find a coach in your area to train your child. Begin searching for a coach at your local high schools and possibly at any local triathlon clubs. If those options fail, then begin doing an Internet search in your area for a local coach. Also, search surrounding towns or cities.

    Individual Training Programs

    • A third option to training your child for a junior triathlon requires more self discipline from your child and you as the parent. First, find a program that fits your child's schedule. The programs might be six weeks, 12 weeks or 20 weeks long. It all depends on the your child's skill level and time that your child has to train before the event. Some sites that contain junior training programs are trifitness.net, usatriathlon.org or trainingpeaks.com.

    Junior Traithlon Races

    • Check out the USAT website for more information about regional, national and international triathlons for a more experienced junior to participate in. For a beginner junior triathlon, look for local newspaper, websites or community bulletins for races that are smaller in size for your child to participate in and gain the needed experience to compete in the larger races.

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