Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Ideas

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    • Invitations in a Mickey Mouse theme create excitement for the guests and kick off the theme. Commercially produced invitations with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme may be available at local party supply stores or online. Homemade invitations can easily be made with black paper cut into the familiar shape of Mickey's head to serve as the basis for homemade invitations. Gel pens or paint pens used to write the party information will stand out against the black paper. Add a few pieces of colorful confetti to the envelope for a finishing touch.


    • Turning the party area into the Clubhouse will excite the children and set the tone for the party. The inside of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse displays bright colors, mainly the primary colors. Colorful Mickey Mouse emblems and tables covered in primary colors work as the background for the party decorations. Three-dimensional Mickey Mouse emblems can be created using Styrofoam balls. Two small Styrofoam balls attached to a large ball for the base can be painted and displayed in the party area. Balloons and streamers in various bright colors add to the overall decor of the party.


    • Hot dogs are a child-friendly food option for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party, particularly because the song at the end of the show is called "Hot Dog." A cookie cutter with the Mickey Mouse theme aids in making foods fit the theme. The cookie cutter can be used on sandwiches, cheese, rice cereal treats, gelatin jigglers and other soft food. Pasta in the shape of the Mickey Mouse emblem can be used in pasta salads or homemade macaroni and cheese. For dessert, serve a cake that is shaped like the Mickey Mouse head emblem. A ten-inch round cake can be used for the head, and two six inch round cakes work well for the ears. Trim the six-inch cakes as needed to rest against the ten-inch cake. Ice the cake and write a message to the birthday child.


    • A treasure hunt using bright shapes and colors allows children of all ages to participate. For young children, verbal clues are appropriate. Older children may enjoy reading the clues themselves. Each clue should be marked by a bright shape. The initial clue leads the participants to the first clue. For example, the clue could be: "Find the orange triangle for the next clue to Mickey's treasure." The participants search the party area to find the orange triangle, where the next clue is waiting. The clues continue until the treasure is found.


    • Favors give you the chance to thank the guests with a small token of appreciation. Mickey Mouse--shaped items geared toward kids make ideal favors. Mickey Mouse toys range in price, allowing them to fit into any budget. Sheets of Mickey Mouse stickers are inexpensive yet appealing to young kids. Small plastic figures of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cast are another option for party favors. Search for fun Mickey Mouse--themed toys for the party favors.

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