How to Exterminate Rats From a Crawl Space

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    • 1). Locate any points of access to your crawl space. Even a tiny space is large enough for a rat to make your crawl space his home. Repair any holes with metal mesh or plywood. Depending on the size of the hole and the location, you may need a hammer and nails to seal openings. You may also need a glue or epoxy to seal certain access points.

    • 2). Eliminate food and water sources. Once you remove the rats, you do not want to offer them any incentive to come back. Pick up any pet food, as well as fruits or nuts from trees in your yard. Secure any bird feeders and cover swimming pools or other bodies of water.

    • 3). Set out bait food where you have seen evidence of the rats. This accustoms them to the type of bait you will be putting into the traps and makes them more likely to attempt to take the bait from the traps.

    • 4). Set out baited traps. Securely attach the bait so that the trap is able to spring when the food is removed. Place the traps in out of the way locations so pets and children are not tempted to play with the traps.

    • 5). Check on the traps daily. Again, make sure that pets and children do not find the sprung traps before you can dispose of them. Handle sprung traps wearing gloves and a mask to protect yourself.

    • 6). Wrap the sprung traps in plastic bags and dispose of them promptly in the trash. Make sure you secure your trashcans. If you take your trash to the dump yourself, consider making more frequent trips during this time.

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