Streptococci Symptoms

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    • A sore throat and fever are two symptoms of strep throat.sick woman image by forca from

      Streptococci are the bacteria that cause what is commonly referred to as strep throat, a bacterial infection marked by pain, redness and swelling. Although a sore throat is always present in strep throat, additional symptoms should emerge within three days. Unlike a common sore throat, strep throat needs to be identified and treated in a timely manner to prevent serious complications, like rheumatic fever or kidney inflammation, according to

    Throat Symptoms

    • The most telling symptoms of strep throat occur in the neck and throat area. Aside from a sore throat, the glands, or lymph nodes, in the neck become tender and swollen, based on information from KidsHealth. The tonsils redden and swell, and small white patches or pus streaks may appear on them. The swelling and pain in the throat may make it difficult to swallow anything, including liquids, and breathing can be obstructed as well.

    Head Symptoms

    • Fever, a temporary rise in the body's normal temperature in response to an illness or infection, is normally present in a person with strep throat, indicates MedlinePlus. People afflicted with strep throat may also experience headaches throughout the duration of the illness.

    Stomach Symptoms

    • Strep throat can cause symptoms that affect the abdominal region and digestive system, but these symptoms are more likely to occur in children. A person with strep throat may experience abdominal cramps and loss of appetite, which may cause him to inadvertently skip meals, resulting in a lack of proper nutrition. Nausea, a queasy feeling in the stomach and throat, and vomiting, purging the contents of the stomach, are additional symptoms of strep throat that occur in the digestive system, according to

    General Symptoms

    • The chills, a feeling of coolness caused by the quick contraction and relaxation of muscles in the body, may occur in response to the fever or infection that accompanies strep throat, notes MedlinePlus. An overall feeling of discomfort or uneasiness may also present as a side effect of the infection.

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