3 Reasons To Wear Batman A T Shirt

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Have you seen a Bat sign t-shirt? This is one of the most common Batman related design used in clothing. While most of us love to see batman in our ordinary things, some loathe the fact that we can see him almost everywhere. His design exists in virtually all of things we can think of. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 3 reasons to wear batman t-shirts. This article aims to provide useful information in wearing a superhero shirt that never goes out of style.

The Batman Phenomenon:
Batman has been around since the late 1930's. He's a comic book character that was introduced in the detective comic series and since his debut he became as one of the most popular comic book characters, ranking number 2 in the top 100 superheroes of all time.

Because of his fame, Batman has inspired all sorts of media including television, movies, music, clothing, and even foods! He is undoubtedly popular not only to kids, but adults as well. His influence was so strong that it some areas of the world people guise themselves as the caped crusader or batman-like costumes and does vigilante work in the real world!

Why Wear Batman T-shirts?:
As mentioned, Batman's popularity inspired some products to create designs under his name and of these products are t-shirts. Why is it considered to be cool wearing batman t-shirts when it is one of the common designs we see out there? Here are the top 3 reasons you have to consider:

1. Highly distinguished - Batman and any batman related insignia are recognized in most parts of the globe. It has become a universal design. So even if you're walking in the streets Tokyo, or going to the mall in Dubai they can still recognize the character or symbol embedded on your shirt because batman is known worldwide. Moreover, his fame transcends from one generation to another, having fans from the old to the not so old. So it could be possible that maybe your grandfather or your father have at least worn a batman t-shirt at one point of their lives.

2. Dark but interesting - Batman is often portrayed as a dark character and so are his other companions and villains. He differs from the usual wholesome personality that superheroes often show. His bad boy personality makes him all the more interesting and this often capture the hearts and minds of fans everywhere. His dark personality will definitely exude in you once you wear batman t-shirts.

3. Wear a legacy - wearing Batman t-shirts will somehow say something about yourself and the culture you have grown up with. In a way you are conveying a message to the younger generations, telling them about dark knight and passing his legacy to them in the process. His legacy will live on through the next generation of fans.

Though wearing of a Batman T Shirt may seem ordinary to most people, it really does more to what meets the eye. You are showing to the world that you are a believer in doing good and you somehow embody this by wearing his symbol. Hopefully, you have learned something new about this article on batman t-shirts.
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