How to Work More Omega-3 Fatty Acids Into Your Diet

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In a previous article, I said, "How often have we received holiday gifts that someone, who cared about us, made themselves? I look forward at this time of year, to homemade candies, and cookies, but not pound cakes.
In many families, making presents has become a tradition that, once started, the gift maker had better not beg out of.
" In writing that "How To Make Healthy Holiday Gifts for Under a Dollar" article, little did I stop to think I would end up being expected to do just that from now on.
The friends and family at the gift exchange really appreciated the 32 oz Gateraide bottles I had filled with my "Silver Water," Colloidal Silver made with my little generator.
There were many questions and much discussion as to the medical benefits of CS, which has been reputed to successfully treat over 650 diseases uncluding some said to be "Incurable.
" My sister had been battleing a bad cold and sore throat.
She was really appreciative of something that kills all known bacteria and viruses.
I told her she didn't have to drink the colloidal silver like I do in contending for the cure with my MS, Multiple Sclerosis.
All she neded to do was gargle with CS.
I also explained for the others that a few drops, or possibly a teaspoon, each day should adiquate to keep them healthy.
Arriving home with all of my goodies, I was very pleased with my decision to give "Heathy Bottles" this year.
The reality of my self-fulfilling prophesy arrived via e-mail this morning.
As one family member expressed thanks for my wonderful gift, she was quick to point out that they all expected me to give "Silver Water" again next year.
Oh, well.
It's fun to make others happy.
At least, I didn't get any pound cakes.
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