Why Won"t Your Panic Attack Happen?

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If you are one of the many people who suffer from panic attacks, you may find that sometimes there is no obvious reason (or "trigger") as to why the attack started.
And that can be one of the hardest things to deal with.
It's almost like your brain is working independently from you and it will do what IT thinks is for the best, whether you like it or not! You are not alone.
They reckon that in just the USA nearly 5% of the population suffer from some sort of anxiety problem.
That's a heck of a big number without even counting the rest of the world's population! So...
what can you do to help with your panic attacks? Well, the first thing to do is to try and recognize when a panic attack is about to start.
You might notice a shortness of breath, a tingling sensation or a feeling of "unreality".
You know, that feeling where you don't feel quite like part of the world that's around you and you find yourself having to reach out and touch solid objects to make sure that they're really there, even though you KNOW that they are real, of course.
Although I wouldn't wish this on anybody, once you've experienced a few panic attacks, you will become more familiar with these sensations that are quite often a "warning sign" to you, if only you would notice them.
And once you can recognise those warning symptoms you're well on your way to making progress with dealing with your panic attacks.
* PREVENTING A PANIC ATTACK * My suggestion to you here might sound so daft to you as to be unbelievable but please hear me out.
The trick to reducing panic and anxiety attacks is to try to have one! Honestly! Why? Because when you are afraid of something, your mind is focused on it and it will more than likely happen.
If you resist a situation because you are afraid, this will not get rid of the fear.
In fact, the opposite will happen.
The fear will still be there, constantly coming back to haunt you BUT if you face up to the fearful situation (almost welcoming it) you are facing the fear as well, and so it cannot persist.
So welcome your next panic attack! Indeed, why not try and have one right now? I bet you can't do it! I know it sounds really odd to you right now but the actual wanting emotion really does help to push the panic further away.
You ARE in control, believe me.
Until now you have chosen to panic.
Either subconsciously or consciously you have chosen that certain events are beyond your control and so panic has set in.
So now, at the first sign of panic, try to relax.
I know it's difficult to do but concentrating on slowing your breathing will slow your heart rate down too and allow the panic to gradually subside.
You may also find it helpful to press your feet, one at a time, into the ground to help you feel more "rooted" to the earth.
Try going about your day asking for anxiety and panic attacks to appear.
Chances are, nothing will happen! As I've said before, a panic attack will never harm you, no matter how bad you feel and that is why you will not be doing yourself any harm by trying to bring on a panic attack.
Whatever horrible sensations you go through you are still safe and no harm will come to you.
The real art to overcoming panic attacks is to relax.
Easy to say, I know!! But by concentrating on your breathing, and making sure that it is slow and steady, this will really slow down your heart rate and so take the edge off the panic.
It's very calming when you breathe slowly and deeply, and so this is an excellent way to relax a little.
Push as much air out of your lungs as possible and this will make your in-breathe even deeper..
deeper breathing means slower breathing and this will calm you down.
If you can, try to use all of your senses to be really aware of what's happening around you.
This will keep you focused in the present and will not give your brain a chance to dredge up any associations from the past which might upset you.
There are many different things that people can try to help them cope with their anxiety and panic attacks.
It may take you some time to try the various things and to find out which work best for you but it's always worth trying something new, no matter how odd it sounds, in case this is THE one that does the trick for you.
I wish you the best of luck on your journey.
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