Funky Party Hairstyles

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    Faux Hawk

    • Try on a funky, punky hair look for a party without committing to it long-term by creating a faux hawk. The faux hawk is the little brother of the familiar Mohawk, where the wearer sports shaved sides of the head and long hair from the front to the back, spiked up with gel. If you can't shave the sides of your head or just don't want to, you can still get a faux hawk going as long as you keep the top of your hair slightly longer than the sides. After washing and drying your hair, squeeze gel or pomade into the palms of your hands and rub them together. Grab the top of your hair and smooth it from the roots to the tips, straight up in the air. Work your way from the front to the back/nape of your neck, pulling and smoothing up until the hair stays standing straight up. For added fun, clump hair together in spikes instead of the basic fan look. An added benefit of the faux hawk is that it washes right out in the next shower, letting your hair go flat again.

    Cool Colors

    • Dyeing your hair a bright, neon color is a serious task. Unless you've got extremely light blond hair, you'll have to take multiple steps to strip your hair of its pigment, because neon colors won't show up on brown and black hair. This stripping step involves bleach, which can leave your hair extremely fragile. To do all this for a single party can mean months of hair damage, so avoid it by dyeing your hair with a spray dye. You may be familiar with spray hair color from Halloween, when the aerosol cans come out in bright colors such as electric blue, vivid green and gumball pink. The dye works just like any other spray paint; you simply spray it directly onto dry hair and it lasts, but only until you wash your hair. Do your entire head a single color or spray just a few strands for a highlighted look. Combine colors, such as blue and green, for an Earth Day party, or choose sprays that support your favorite sports team, such as purple for a Baltimore Ravens football party.

    Totally Twisted

    • Men and women who sport thick, coarse medium to long-length hair will find a way to get twisted before a party for a funky look. Hair mini twists involve taking a small section of hair, applying a butter or gel to it and twisting it like a corkscrew. The tighter the curl, the funkier the look. Although this completed look can be a striking style, it takes time to achieve, since the more hair you have, the longer the process will take. If you're curling especially small twists, give yourself plenty of time or ask for help; your arms may get tired and it could be difficult seeing the back of your head. Depending on the amount of gel you apply to the twists, they may remain in place even after the party to give you the look for a couple of extra days (gentle washing with water in the shower shouldn't dislodge them, but a full shampoo, conditioning and combing will).

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