How to Cut a Counter Top for a Sink

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    • 1). Place the sink upside down on the counter top where you want to place the hole. Center the sink evenly between the backsplash and the front edge of the counter top. Measure the distance between each rear corner of the sink to the backsplash. Both corners must be equal distance from the backsplash. Look under the cabinet and determine if the sink bowl will clear the inside front walls of the cabinet. You can gauge this by looking at the cabinet wall and placement of the sink.

    • 2). Trace around the perimeter of the sink onto the counter top with a pencil and remove the sink off the counter top. Place masking tape on the counter top around the inside perimeter of your tracing. Measure for the actual cutting line with a tape measure. Place the end of the tape measure on the tracing, and measure in towards the center 5/16-inches. Mark this measurement around the inside perimeter of the tracing and draw the new cutting line. The cutting line will be on the masking tape.

    • 3). Place a one foot long piece of masking tape at each corner pointing to the center. Measure from each corner 1 1/4-inches toward the center and mark on the tape with a pencil. This is where you will place the drill bit of the arbor hole saw. Place the 2 1/2-inch arbor hole saw into the drill holes in all four corners.

    • 4). Cut the sides of the sink hole with a circular saw or jig saw. Cut to the inside of the cut line from the front of the hole to the back on each side. Place a piece of 2x4 board over the center of the hole, extending the ends of the board over each side cut. Screw the board into what will be the hole of the counter top with two 4-inch wood screws. This will prevent the "hole" from falling into the cabinet when making the remaining cuts.

    • 5). Cut the rear and front line of the sink hole with the saw. Raise the piece of 2x4 up to lift the cut-out away from the counter top. If necessary, have an assistant help you lift the board to remove the cut-out.

    • 6). Place the sink into the hole and trim the counter top hole as necessary.

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