My Xbox 360 is Refusing to Play Games - How Can I Get the DVD Drive Working Again?

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A number of people have had to deal with a particular error that arises when you put a disc in the DVD drive and it refuses to play. A lot of Xbox 360 owners think this is because they need a new DVD drive, but this isn't case. The drive is probably still perfectly ok, but like many other errors which occur with an Xbox 360, the problem is mainly due to overheating of the unit.

The drive has receptors at the back - when you play games the console generates a extremely high level of heat anyway which means that the drive heats up a lot and as the receptors heat up you will probably notice that the drive gets a lot louder. There is generally no warning before this error occurs. You just go to start playing one day and find that the drive simply won't read the discs.

So what do you do about it?

Unfortunately this problem does mean getting your unit repaired and this usually means either sending it to Microsoft or get them to come and pick it up. It can take them up to six weeks to repair your system and send it back to you, which is rather long for those of us who like to play every day.

Another option is to get hold of an Xbox 360 repair guide that will walk you through the repair process with a combination of text manuals and videos. This will show you how to fix the problem permanently, but you should make sure that the guide you choose has been around for at least two years. You should also preview the videos first and check the customer support, just to make sure that you are getting a guide that will actually solve the problem.

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