Discover Tanzania"s Tanga Town

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Tanzania stands out as one country in East Africa that has really done much effort to retain her culture and history.
Most of her towns still retain their old history depicted through buildings and architecture.
The country's main language of communication is Kiswahili.
One such town in the country is Tanga located on the northern part of the country and harbor the major seaport.
It has a population of around 250,000 people and is one of the largest cities in the country.
Tanzania's Tanga town has a strong history dating back to 1899 when the town was chosen by as a military post by the Germans known as the German East Africa.
The post was later to become of district office in 1891 and then it became a economic hub.
Sisal was then introduced into the town by the colonial powers and this contributed a lot to the town's development.
Now the town is major tourist attraction area.
She is a major terminus of Usambara Railway Line than snakes it its way to Moshi town that it's located at the foot of Mt.
Tanzania's town of Tanga sits on the Indain Ocean and borders Kenya.
She acts as the major export hub for the countries goods like coffee, tea, sisal and cotton.
It connects most of the country's interior with the sea.
It also links the country with the major African Great Lakes hence ensuring that Tanzania enjoys a lot of ecomomic development shared between the East African countries.
Another great development is the Tanga Airport that serves the town as transit point for goods being exported to far countries.
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