Understanding How Your Body Controls

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hi everyone this is doctor D again welcome to the reversing diabetes blog were in the Valley between Sedona and Flagstaff is just beautiful Agency Vienna broke a flowing water behind this and beautiful mountains in the background what a beautiful spot to talk to you about just the amazing way that the body at least the temps when we don't interfere with maintaining our own a normal blood sugar levels so I'd today.
I'd like to just explain to you how the body when are when we're managing a Fletcher well how the body does it and then on the next blog I'm of follow-up to explain to you how things start to go awry and why they go awry and how we end up being insulin-resistant pre-diabetic and eventually diabetic so it works like this we have this amazing feedback loop in the body we're basically the body's always telling the brain it's giving your feedback what's going on and then the brain being the master gland it it manages everything it controls everything including our blood sugar.
so when you when I eat a meal what happens is is that obviously through digestion are our food the it was broken down and eventually absorb the nutrients are core and what happens is that our blood sugar goes up and depending on what we what we choose the will will influence how much it goes up but the but the bottom line is is that a Bucher goes up and and that's normal fly herewith me I'm and then what happens is again is that there's a feedback up to the brain leading the brain that just happened at the blood sugar is gone up and so then the brain sends a message down to your pancreas and your pain Chris is stimulated to release insulin we were called beta cells in the pancreas and they release insulin and insulin is a hormone that is designed to bring our blood sugar back down to a more reasonable level and so that's really a good thing it's the innate intelligence in the body was designed to do that the problem arises when we just are really see too much insulin because he insulin is also a fat storage hormone and insulin I is also a proinflammatory so we just don't want it's just too much of a good thing so again what happens is we eat our foodies digested that costs are blood sugar to go up ultimately a feedback message to the brain the blood sugar the body the brain its bankers to release insulin insulin helps bring the blood sugar back down how to do that insulin is a hormone that it plugs into receptor sites on your cells called hormone receptor sites and that causes the doors to open on your cells and when that door opens then the blood sugars allowed the sugar if you will the glucose is allowed to leave the life go into the cell and is it is used to make energy and ultimately allowed to sell to do with the cell does it doesn't matter whether it's a a liver cell skin seller brain cell they all need that influx a blood sugar glucose to fuel the self to drive to sell its a gasoline for the cell if you will and so that's how everything works normally and when we don't mess it up with lifestyle choices and so forth is our body does a great job in managing our blood sugar throughout literally throughout her entire life so hope they give you a new appreciation to the magical how the body works um.I would encourage you to look at the next blog where we'll talk about how things go awry and where the problems develop again I appreciate you joining me no beautiful beautiful said own area and until next time remember eat right exercise enjoy life to the fullest

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