Craftsman Bungalow House Plans - Bungalow House Plans

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Michigan Bungalow - This Arts and Crafts style bungalow sprang up all over Detroit from 1910 to 1925 and is widely seen in this area still today.

Bungalows can be designed in any style of exterior architectural design. Traditional exterior styles will customarily be Craftsman, Prairie, Shingle or Colonial designs. Typically clad in natural materials and finished in earthy color schemes these styles all offer wonderful attributes for a comfortable family home and blend suitably in most surroundings.

The smaller bungalow plans will be designed with strict, efficient use of all space as was typical in the original traditional bungalow designs. Simplicity of design is essential in creating a functional small bungalow plan. These plans can provide comfortable living spaces with all the current household conveniences that families are looking for while allowing for an ease of maintenance and smaller lot considerations. Smaller bungalow plans are suitable for individual homeowners or small families. They are often considered as 'starter' homes for families but are often found to be so efficiently designed accommodating grown families is possible.

Although bungalows symbolize a time in America where people wanted to enjoy the good life and own their own home, they are still a popular style that has influenced the look and feel of many of the style of homes built today. In fact, several builders who have been affected by the downturn in the housing market recently have adopted the simplicity and efficient floor plans of the Bungalow style home. It offers homeowners what they need without all the frills spawning a resurgence in this architecture style.

Chicago Bungalow - Another popular variation of the Traditional Bungalow, this style used brick on the exterior, has 1 1/2 stories and a full basement. This style was relatively narrow in width in order to accommodate smaller city lots.

On the other hand a completely different style of home that might be more conducive to living in the southwest or the south is a bungalow style of home. You can use bungalow home plans to build a home that is comfortable and extremely unique. The smooth lines of a bungalow and a small size can be very livable and comfortable. It might be rare to find a bungalow in most neighborhoods and building one can create a different atmosphere all together.

Chalet Bungalow - This style of bungalow includes a second story loft, but still keeps the main living areas on the first floor so it is still classified as a bungalow.

Types of Bungalows Seen Throughout the United States:

Milwaukee Bungalow - Similar to the Chicago Bungalow, a couple differences between these two styles are this version featured a gable perpendicular to the street and white stucco on the bottom portion on the exterior.

There are many different styles of homes that can really stand out in a neighborhood. You can even tailor a home to reflect who you are and what you want to say about yourself. You can use prairie style house plans to express the side of you that says down home good old fashion flare. You might even want to bring out the memories of Little House on the Prairie and those scenes of running through the hills. You may even want to run through the hills yourself.
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