Tools For a Good Night"s Rest

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How we sleep the night before can determine how the rest of our day will go.
Obtaining the best possible sleep is crucial to performing our best both mentally and physically.
As we all have at some point experienced a restless night, we know that sleep deprivation and reaction time go hand in hand.
The more deprived we are of sleep, the slower our reaction time.
To help maximize our time of sleep, consider the following.
Where you sleep: Is where you sleep an environment of peace and relaxation? What could be distracting you from the best possible rest? Are there dogs barking, car alarms going off? Trains? Any of the aforementioned can be a distraction, perhaps one beyond our control, but what about the ones in our control? Is there a television or radio on in the background or dishwasher running? These can all be a distraction that prevents us from falling into the best possible sleep.
By eliminating these distracting noises, the process of sleep can be focused on.
How you sleep: At night when it is time for bed, do you fall asleep quickly and naturally or does it take long periods of time to fall into slumber? Excessive mental stimulants can be the cause of not falling asleep quickly.
Natural sleep aids are a great way to be sure that you spend at night sleeping and not trying to fall asleep.
Some people find that herbal remedies may also be beneficial.
If aches and pains are preventing you from getting the best sleep possible, consider the mattress you are using? If your mattress is old and outdated, it may be lacking in the necessary support you need to relax your body completely.
Also, an old mattress is probably poor in motion separation.
This in turn can cause you to wake from deep sleep cycles every time your partner moves next to you.
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