Is Bankruptcy The Right Choice To Help Me With My Debt?

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When you are under crushing amounts of debt, it seems as if you have no way out and that no one could have possibly felt as you do. Surprisingly, millions of Americans struggle with debt everyday--and over 2 million of them have found an answer: Bankruptcy.

When I was in college I had to file for bankruptcy when I lost my job working for GM. I was constantly being bothered by the companies I was in debt to. They threatened to sue me, take my car and wages; I realized I needed protection from foreclosure. My family was suffering.

I didn't look very hard for my attorney--I picked the first one I found. Even after being devastated by massive amounts of debt, I found that I did not receive the best help possible. That's because I didn't have the right information on how to find the best lawyer.

I chose to focus helping people who'd suffered under debt like I had when I went to law school. I wanted to build a bankruptcy law firm that understands exactly what someone who files bankruptcy is going through because I had been there too. I wanted to start a law firm that would be there for its clients every step of the process, from court hearings to document filings to getting their fresh start.

Any attorney can do the paperwork and file a case. You can even do it yourself—but it's neither simple nor easy. One of my joys is the ability to help hardworking people preserve the things that they worked to achieve. The huge banking industry will use all of its advantages to overwhelm you. But a law firm needs to give the person necessary tools to stand up to big corporations.

By filing bankruptcy, I was able to save my house from foreclosure, get credit card debt help, and stop creditors from constantly nagging my family. Bankruptcy allowed me to get my life back from the debt I owed and enabled me to follow my dream of becoming the best bankruptcy lawyer possible.

I know bankruptcy was the solution I was looking for. It might just be the solution you are looking for as well. But first you need to decide if bankruptcy is right for you—and the best place to look for an attorney.
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