The History Of Auditorium Seats

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When you think of auditorium seats you likely think of the cushioned chairs that you sit in when you are at the theater or at a concert hall. You may not think of concrete bleachers, but the auditorium seats we use today are direct descendants of the concrete bleachers that were used by the Roman people when they built the coliseum.

Auditorium seats are places for people who will us watching an event to sit while they are in the stadium. These seats are provided by the owner of the establishment and the owner generally charges money for people to use them.

Football and sports arenas have auditorium seats for the fans to sit in while they watch the sporting events. In high school stadiums the seats that people sit in are generally metal bleachers. Many people bring special chairs made to attach to the bleachers to create more comfortable seating. In professional sporting stadiums the chairs are more likely to be individual seats rather than a bleacher with no back support. People attending professional events pay a lot for their tickets and they expect some measure of comfort in their seating arrangements.

The seating options in theaters and other commercial properties that have on stage performances have changed through the years. The original seating arrangements were comprised of benches that had no back. Then theaters began to provide benches that did have backs like the ones you would see in a church house.

Separate chairs were the next evolution of these commercial seats. The chairs were often folding chairs that could be moved around the room to create different seating patterns. All of the chairs were on the same level. This meant that the people who sat in the front row of seats had an unobstructed view of the stage, but people in rows behind this first one often had their line of sight interrupted by someone sitting in front of them.

Many people wore big hats in those days and the hats would interfere with the line of sight of all rows behind the wearer. Many establishments began to build their auditoriums and theaters with a sloping floor so the people in the back would be sitting above the people in the front. These sloping floors allowed the people in the last row to be positioned high enough that the people in the rows ahead of them were not in their line of sight.

The balcony boxes had individual seats, but the balcony boxes were not the best place to sit in order to see the action on the stage. People in balcony seating boxes had to have binoculars to allow them to see what was happening on the stage below them. The balcony boxes also had portions of the stage blocked from their view entirely. These boxes were occupied by the wealthy simply so they could be seen at the performance.

The row seating has been popularized in theaters, stadiums, waiting rooms, concert halls, and even schools.

Auditorium seats have been in existence since the time of the Roman coliseum. Most auditorium seats are padded chairs that have arm rest in place to separate the seats. You can contact us for more information.
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