RV Sales - Selling Your Own RV

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When you decide that you want to sell your current RV, there are a number of things that you can do to get a fair market price for it.
Some things you can do before your customers see the toy hauler, and others after you advertise in the RV Sales in the newspaper or online.
Before you show your RV to potential buyers
oGo through the motorhome with the proverbial "fine tooth comb" and remove all of your personal belongings.
oTake your small travel trailer to a certified recreational vehicle mechanic for a thorough going over, and have him put it in top mechanical condition.
oPretend you are walking into your Class A for the first time.
With a pad of paper and a pencil, note the scratches and wear on the furnishings.
If you are unable to smarten up the RV yourself, hire someone to clean, polish, and refurbish the interior for you.
oHave the outside of the motorhome professionally detailed, and keep it nice.
oLook up the fair market price for your RV in the NADA Guide, or the Kelly Blue Book.
Evaluate your rig bearing in mind any defects or good points it may have.
Make sure it is a reasonable price for the local RV market.
oTake some good photos of the interior, and exterior of the RV to post with your classified ads.
When you show your RV to potential buyers
oAdvertise! Put your RV in a safe, conspicuous place with a sale placard in the window accompanied by a list of amenities and extra features of the motorhome.
Put classified ads in the newspaper, and online.
Your contact info needs to be accurate - double-check it.
oDon't argue with buyers.
Be pleasant, and present the qualities of your vehicle.
The buyer has to make the choice on her own.
oThink about an escrow account for safety in financial exchanges.
oBe sure you have all paperwork properly filled out and ready.
There are web sites online where you can download the necessary forms.
Take care to protect your personal information.
oOffer to let your buyer test drive, or use the travel trailer on a short jaunt to evaluate it on the road.
A happy alternative to doing it all yourself, may be to consider a reputable RV dealer who specializes in used RVs for sale by owner.
Check out his record of accomplishment, and reputation before you commit to any one dealer.
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