85f All People Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed

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Do you need to have your wisdom tooth extraction soon? The answer is most likely yes if you haven't already. Did you know that 85% of people do not have room in their mouth for their third molars and that they have to have a wisdom tooth extraction? Did you also know that your wisdom teeth are also referred to as your third molars? You mouth does not have room for your third molars, so that is why you need to have a wisdom tooth extraction. A wisdom tooth removal procedure is a very common surgery. Having a wisdom tooth removal is something that should be done early on to avoid problems. A lot of people who do not have a wisdom tooth extraction encounter impacted teeth and a lot of pain.

You can teeth on top of your wisdom teeth by going to the dentist regularly. By going to the dentist regularly, your dentist will do x-rays to see when you need your wisdom tooth extraction to be performed. You may start to feel your wisdom teeth trying to make their grand entrance. If you feel your wisdom teeth coming up and down, you should see your dentist for an x-ray. Once you get the confirmation that you need your wisdom teeth extraction, you should know a few things. Your dentist can refer you to an oral surgeon for your wisdom tooth extraction. A wisdom tooth extraction procedure has a reputation to be a straightforward, simple and very common surgery, so there is nothing to be nervous about.

For your wisdom tooth extraction, you will be given a local anesthetic so you will not feel any pain. A lot of times the surgeon will put you to sleep. When you wake up from your surgery, you may be groggy and tired, but don't worry this is normal. Your dentist will give you good wisdom tooth extraction aftercare tips. Extraction aftercare tips are important to follow. The wisdom tooth extraction aftercare tips are important to follow so you do not get an infection. Infections are not fun at all! You want to do everything you can to follow the wisdom tooth extraction aftercare tips as closely as possible.

Some people think that they can go back to their normal routine right after their wisdom tooth extraction. However, you need to allow a few days for recovery. You will most likely feel some pain, have some swelling, and bleeding. You can take a pain killer to help manage the pain. You should not drink out of a straw or go back to smoking until you are fully healed. You may think that that sounds funny, but if you don't listen you will cause yourself a lot of pain. By drinking from a straw or smoking you can develop dry sockets. Dry sockets are nasty and they will cause a lot of pain!

To find a wisdom tooth extraction specialist in your area, you can search for "wisdom tooth extraction" or "Oral surgeon" to see what results come up. Pick an oral surgeon that your dentist recommends as well. Don't wait too long to have your wisdom tooth extraction done.
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