Club Penguin Party With Puffle Game Ideas

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    Pin the Puffle

    • For your Club Penguin party, play a variation of the classic "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" game; instead of a donkey image, use a Club Penguin poster. Mark a spot on the poster for players to try to pin their Puffles; print Puffle images from the Internet and give them to players to pin on the poster. Make sure players are blindfolded. Award Club Penguin-themed prizes for the best attempts.

    Find the Puffle

    • Make Puffle shapes cut out of colored card stock and hide them around the house and garden. Create a scoring system based on the different Puffle colors. For example, one point for a blue Puffle, two points for a green Puffle, up to nine points for an orange Puffle. Hide many of the low-scoring Puffles and only one or two of the high-scoring Puffles. After the allocated searching time, calculate each player's final score and award Club Penguin-themed prizes to the top scorers.

    Puffle Art

    • For some quiet time at your Club Penguin party, create a "Puffle Art" corner with easels, paper, crayons or washable marker pens and art smocks. Set the children tasks to complete, such as painting and decorating their Puffle characters; provide them with glitter glue, sequins and stickers. Display the finished Puffles on a board on the wall to be admired and hand out candy or party favors in recognition of the children's efforts.

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