The Mainstream Media is Hiding The World Peace Formula

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2,000 years ago Jesus Christ went ballistic in the Temple in Jerusalem and overturned the tables of the money changers in the Temple.
Jesus Christ the Jewish born Rabbi and Messiah of Christianity and Islam commanded his followers to sell all of their possessions and to give all of their money to the poor.
It is clear that Jesus Christ believed that money was the root of all evil.
It is now November 2, 2006 two thousand years later.
Christianity Islam and Judaism are presently leading us all into extinction in nuclear world war 3 and its aftermath nuclear winter then ultraviolet summer.
They presently have us all embroiled in a world wide Crusade, Jihad and Middle East Crisis.
They are all waiting for the Messiah to arrive on a flying horse from Heaven and bring peace to Earth.
This is an exact repeat of 2,000 years ago when the Jewish people believed Psalm 2 of the Old Testament now followed by Christianity Islam and Judaism that the Messiah would come and conquer their oppressors the Roman Empire and the entire world for them as God of Mount Sinai aka Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, God the Father, Allah, Adonai, Hashem had helped Moses and the Jewish slaves conquer their Egyptian oppressors and part the Red Sea and drown the Egyptian army in it.
Instead of conquering the Roman Empire then and there Jesus said a few words on a mountain which led to the Holy See in Rome and Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
God of Mount Sinai has now replaced the golden cow of Mount Sinai for 3 billion Christians Muslims and Jews.
Today the mainstream media is owned by Christians Muslims and Jews.
Their subscribers and advertisers are Christians and Muslims and Jews.
These religions want the Messiah to change the world from war into peace.
They want the Messiah to do this by proclaiming that they and they alone are the chosen people and that their religion and their religion alone is pure and perfect.
They want the Messiah to change the course of history without changing anything.
They want the Messiah to conquer the world, including God's other 2 religions, God's other 2 children, for their group, as Psalm 2 promises.
This didn't happen when Jesus was here last time and it never will.
Who would want a genocidal prince of peace?God carved in stone "Don't Murder!" The Temple of Love - The World Peace Religion has discovered the world peace formula spoken by God of Mount Sinai through the mouths of every single Biblical Prophet in the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Koran and every religion ever.
That formula is the one word of God of Mount Sinai, "10ve".
It is the antidote to the nuclear formula E= MC squared.
Christianity Islam and Judaism purified as God of Mount Sinai commanded through every single Biblical Prophet especially Jesus Christ down to "10ve" is The Temple of Love - The World Peace Religion.
God of Mount Sinai said that if we follow this one single word "10ve" we would survive and if we did not then we would all perish in the fire.
If you search "unites Christianity Islam Judaism" there are 1,000 results all from The Temple of Love.
Unfortunately the people of Earth will never hear the one word of their God of Mount Sinai because the mainstream media is afraid that if they publicize a religion that upholds God of Mount Sinai and the one Word of God of Mount Sinai, "love", but makes the tiniest change to these religions, then their readers and advertisers will be offended and their profits will decrease.
The people of Earth are about to go down in flames worshipping and following the golden cow as the mainstream media hides from them the most important story and the most valuable message of all time.
Your God of Mount Sinai did not need 3 books.
He made it simple.
He only needed one word to save us all from the real live fast approaching world wide nuclear fire.
Unfortunately you will never know it because it's a money loser.
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