Mumbai - The Mystical City Of Dreams

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Mumbai, erstwhile Bombay, is the financial capital of India. It is a dream city for millions of youngsters especially those who want to start their carrier in the glamour industry. The cost of living is very high in Mumbai but still its the second highest populated city in the world. If you try to explore more about this metropolitan city then you will get to know many more interesting facts about Mumbai Tourism.

Mumbai is basically a flashy city where most of the movie stars reside. It flaunts off its world famous nightclubs where you can spot the latest fashion trends of the world. The nightlife in Mumbai will certainly make you go crazy.

Apart from a variety of leisure as well as entertainment options on offer, you will not find any dearth of interesting things to do in Mumbai. You will get ample opportunities to enjoy a cherishable sightseeing experience and explore a number of other attractions as well. Even the incredible shopping, thrilling recreational activities, various mouthwatering delicacies and dazzling nightlife experience are all that make Mumbai a special place for everyone, especially the youth.

Shopping is one of the favorite things to do in Mumbai for the tourists. Your holiday will be incomplete until you experience a daylong shopping spree. You might be wondering about what to shop and more importantly where to shop but the travel guide provided by Mumbai tourism will help you with the right guidelines. Whether you are looking for the finest brands or want to enjoy the roadside shopping, Mumbai has a plethora of options for you. You can go for shopping in the Zaveri Bazaar, Chor Bazaar, Crawford Market and the market Bhuleshwar for all the types of accessories.

Mumbai is one of the most multi-cultural states in the country. You will surely be amazed to witness an overwhelming harmony among the people of different cultures that live together in Mumbai. You can easily spot non-Hindus celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi or non-Muslims distributing sweets on Eid in Mumbai.

The holiday packages in Mumbai come along with lots of surprises. It offers many enchanting tourist locations such as the famous rock caves of Elephanta, Kanheri and Mahakali, well-known museums and art galleries including the Prince of Wales Museum and the National Gallery of Modern Art and numerous beaches. Mumbai also has the famous Sanjay Gandhi National Park right within its borders. It is a nice place to go where there will be no noise and chaos of the normal city life. However, the wild feel is somewhat missing as the animals here have become very used to human beings. Visiting all such attractions can be among the most interesting things to do in Mumbai.

Besides sightseeing, excursions, experiencing pulsating nightlife in Mumbai, there is no shortage of good-quality hotels in the city. There are numerous hotels in the city that will make your stay comfortable. You have plenty of options in cuisines too, as you can either savor in the food of luxury hotels or restaurants, or you can relish the world famous street food.
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