How do I Plant Blueberry Bushes in Florida?

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    • 1). Plant blueberry bushes around mid-December to mid-February in Florida. Select a sunny location that is far enough away from buildings and other plants to allow ample room for the bushes to grow without over crowding.

    • 2). Loosen the garden soil with a shovel and remove large dirt clods and rocks. Amend the soil with peat moss to make a well draining soil that helps to prevent root rot.

    • 3). Dig a hole twice as large as the root ball. Space plants about 3 feet apart in rows that are 5 feet apart.

    • 4). Remove the blueberry bush from the container it was grown in. Gently loosen the root ball with your hands. Set the bush in the hole at the same height it grew in the original container. Fill in the hole with the remaining soil and firm over with your hands.

    • 5). Water the newly planted blueberry bushes with a drip irrigation system to thoroughly soak the soil. Keep the bush watered every other day so the soil stays moist. Provide the blueberry bushes with approximately 1 to 2 inches of water a week once they're established.

    • 6). Fertilize your Florida-grown blueberry bushes once the first set of leaves reach full size. Apply a balanced fertilizer (10-10-10) every six weeks up until the end of August. After the first year, apply fertilizer from early spring through the end of August every six weeks.

    • 7). Apply a 3-inch layer of mulching material, such as pine bark, around each blueberry bush. Mulching helps to control weeds, maintain consistent soil temperatures and will add nutrients to the soil as it breaks down throughout the growing season. Reapply a fresh layer in the early spring each year.

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