Healthy Weight Loss Plans–Habit Forming Part 3 of 4

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How to Make it Habit Forming

Whether you think you can Lose Weight or you can't, you're right. Attitude makes all the difference in the world.

One huge obstacle to a Healthy Weight Loss Plan is that 4 letter word:  "Diet".  I'm dieting. I can't eat that. I have to stick to my diet.  Let's see, how many calories is this?  I can only have 2 grams of fat today.

One sure and fast way to drive yourself and other family members crazy is to fixate on calories and the idea of "Dieting", which hangs over you like a black cloud.  When you Drape that Diet Cloak around your shoulders  it's like you are doing penance—I'm on a diet now, but as soon as I lose this weight I can start eating REAL food again. (the stuff that gets you out of shape and puts you right back where you started.)

If you focus on Healthy Eating, you don't have to give a second thought to calories or dieting or missing out on the joys of life because when you think about it, isn't Healthy  Eating  all about  what you should have been  eating all along? And if you feel Healthy Eating  is Bland and Boring, you haven't experienced REAL Healthy Cuisine. .

After you get your head right, that you are determined to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, it's time to eliminate the things that sabotage a healthy menu.

A Healthy Weight Loss Plan Should Be Habit Forming

Whatever has happened in the past is done. This is a new day.  It's time for new habits.   While old habits can be hard to break, keep this thought in the front of your mind—By adhering to a certain course of action for 30 days, there is a  90% chance, that new habit will stay with you a lifetime.  But the habit you want to develop starts with  Day One.  Take it one day at a time.

And you don't have to try to do everything at once.  Focus on one particular thing.  Get accustomed  to that and then add other things as you move forward

Who's In Your Corner?

Getting started on a Healthy Weight Loss Plan can be a challenge, but it can be especially daunting if family members are non  supportive, or even antagonistic.  Do your best to get them to understand why  eating healthy is good for everyone regardless if they need to lose weight or not.  There are 4 articles in  this Weight Loss series.  It helps if you make sure they do take the time to read them.

Is Your Kitchen Filled With  Temptation?

Will Power is a great thing to have.  I guess it's a good character builder. But the last thing you need is a refrigerator or pantry  filled with poor food choices. This can undermine the best of intentions.  Chips, crackers, Little Debbies and cookies are not  Healthy Weight Loss Plan material.  The only way to be sure you don ‘t eat them is to not have them around.

Next time you go to the refrigerator, hopefully it's not for a soda or other sugar-laced drink.  Or a dish of ice cream. Just for the record, speaking of drinks, our number one drink of choice should be Clean, water, filtered through a  reverse osmosis system. No, water isn't  a back up for when you run out of soda.   It replaces soda.  Drinking Clean water should be the  cornerstone  of Your Healthy Weight Loss Plan.

Doing The Right Thing–Not as Hard as it Seems…

I remember when I always, always had plenty of sodas in the refrigerator,  but remember, the part about doing something for 30 days and developing a habit?  It works. It has been several years now.  I might have 5 or 6 sodas in an entire year.  It's usually in a social situation.  The rest of the time, clean cold water is always my first choice.

Again, this is worth repeating– Drinking Clean water should be the cornerstone  of Your Healthy Weight Loss Plan.

This was Part 3 of a 4 Part Intro to Healthy Weight Loss Plans.
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