Chasing Mr. Right – How to Ensure He Falls in Love with You

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Are you 100% certain that you can make a mall fall in love with you? Do you have the knowledge to get him to commit? Can you list the reasons men fall head over heels for women? There was not a class on this in school, but you can ensure that your man will fall in love with you.

Before you learn two habits to practice in order to turn your relationship into a lifelong affair, you must first understand how men behave. Men can fall in and out of love on a daily basis. This is because they often cannot tell the difference between love and desire. You can show him the difference, and when you do, you will be loved more than you ever thought possible.

One habit you want to practice to guarantee he falls in love with you is by being there. Showing your cleavage and buying him expensive gifts is not the same thing as being there. Being there means you are with him when he needs you most, with an open ear and an open heart. In time, he will naturally associate you being there with optimism and will want you with him as much as possible.

Letting him walk ahead of you in the relationship is another way to give him the space to fall in love. Men tend to take their time when they are earnest about building a future with a woman. Forcing him to commit when he is not ready could be the mistake you will never forget.

Men always make their own decisions, and they always take their time. Still if you practice the two habits of being there for him and following his lead, it is safe to say he will eventually fall in love with you.
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