Avatar Costume Ideas For 2010 - The Hottest Theme For This Halloween!

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Avatar costume ideas are set to be the biggest theme for Halloween in 2010, so it's well worth coming up with yours as early as possible before everything sells out! The Na'vi (the blue creatures from Pandora) are not only hot right now, but they're such a fun way to dress up this year! Avatar Halloween Characters The characters of the movie really forged a place in our hearts as soon as the movie was released, so base your Avatar costume ideas around the character you want to play.
Will you be Jake Sully? The human whose Avatar found a new life and home in Pandora? There's no doubt that this will be the character of choice for most boys and men this Halloween.
For the ladies and girls there's the beautiful Neytiri, who managed to win Jake's heart.
Of course, you could also choose any other of the Na'vi characters for a completely unique and fun costume theme! The Avatar costumes for Halloween 2010 are designed with men, women and children in mind.
There are accessories for anyone to use, such as the bow and arrow, and you can even dress your dog up as a Na'vi if you want to get him involved! Creating the Na'vi Look Don't be put off by Avatar costume ideas just because you think it'll be too difficult! There are official costumes available that make it easy, or you could stick to certain accessories like the Avatar costume tail or ears.
Or, if you're brave, why not make the whole thing yourself? You'll need a blue body suit along with a lot of blue makeup, and some darker makeup to recreate those distinctive Na'vi stripes.
Get your hands on a small apron, and an armband to complete the look.
You'll also need to add some Avatar ears (for your own hand made costume you could use elf ears painted blue).
You can then add a braided wig, perhaps with some beads at the end, if you want to look as authentic as possible! Whether you're buying an Avatar costume or coming up with your own Avatar costume ideas to make yourself, the important thing is to get started as soon as possible! It's not the simplest of costumes to create, though it is a lot easier than you might expect as long as you follow a good guide and pay attention to the Na'vi characteristics.
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