Motivation and Personality -Which Type Are You?

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The level of motivation that a person has depends a lot on the personality of that person.
If a person has the personality of a quiet, shy type of person, their motivation will come from living within that personality.
They are more likely to get motivated in different ways to that of a person who has a loud and bold personality.
If a person has a go-getter personality then their motivation will be strong and vivacious, with a nothing can stop them type attitude.
Personality has a big impact on how we are motivated in our lives.
Motivation and personality are definitely connected.
There are three basic personalities that seem to be motivation for what we do and who we want to become.
The need for power This personality has a strong desire or drive to make people act or behave in a way that they would not otherwise behave.
This type of motivation is usually found in a strong-willed person.
They like to be in charge of situations.
The motivation is more for power and prestige than doing a great job.
Need for achievement This type of personality has a strong drive to excel.
This person usually strives to succeed at everything they try.
They avoid really hard tasks as well as really easy tasks.
They like 50/50 odds and are not gamblers.
The motivation is to achieve it on their own with their own skills.
Need for affiliation This type of personality has the need for strong interpersonal relationships with others.
This person is usually a soft-spoken quiet individual.
This person strives for friendships.
The motivation for this personality is being cooperative rather than being competitive.
They seek mutual understanding.
There are also combinations of one or more of these types of personalities, as well.
They determine what motivates a person to do the things that they want and need to do.
Whichever personality a person possesses, they need to start with goal setting to achieve motivation.
The first step is setting goals that are realistic to your specific needs and wants.
Try not to set these goals too high, nor too low.
Either one of these will cause undesirable results.
The goals must be possible to attain or they are useless to us.
This step is essential to motivation.
You can't be motivated if you do not have goals.
Rewarding yourself for your hard work and effort is another essential part of learning motivation.
There must be rewards for a job well done.
It is what keeps us going.
Motivation and personality do go hand in hand.
As you can see, different people and personalities are motivated by different drives.
Successes are measured by different motivations and rewards.
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