How to Create a DLA Mascot

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    • 1). Create a sketch of your DLA mascot on a sheet of computer paper using a pen or pencil. Consider a character adorned in military uniform and holding a military rifle for a DLA mascot or something similar. Make your DLA mascot represent defense logistics.

    • 2). Scan the sketch onto your computer and save it somewhere that is easily accessible. Launch your image editing program. An example of an ideal image editing program is Adobe Illustrator.

    • 3). Click “New Document.” Click “File.” Click “Edit.” Click “Place.” Select the sketch of your DLA mascot from your computer’s hard drive. Move the image until it is centered on the template.

    • 4). Click “Create New Layer” from the “Layers” panel. Click the “Pen” tool and trace the sketch. Click “Brush” and select a brush to better highlight certain lines on your DLA mascot.

    • 5). Click within a traced area. Click the “Fill” button and select a color with which to fill the traced area. Click “Stroke Color” in the “Brush” menu to change the stroke color to match each filled area.

    • 6). Click “Save As.” Name your file and then save it.

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